Health and Safety Statement

Clean Direct are committed to improving health and safety within the work place we regularly review our practices on gaining information and implementing health and safety measures.

  • We regularly visit the HSE web site for latest information
  • We take training with recognised training bodies
  • We carry out Risk Assessments at all sites where we carry out work
  • We are constantly looking for less harmful chemicals to carry out our tasks
  • Management have regular meeting to discuss matters concerning Health and Safety

All staff are made aware of health and safety within the workplace and are encouraged to take an active role to prevent accidents happening we believe prevention is better that cure.

We are in the process of gathering email addresses of all staff so we can email messages to them and placing information on our facebook and twitter sites with a view to get away from the the old office handbook system which is usually stuck in the drawer somewhere.

We are now implementing new systems to measure health and safety, working with HSE HSG 65.

  • Policy development
  • Planning and Implementing
  • Organising
  • Reviewing
  • Feedback

Our health and safety systems have being evolving over time, since we formed the company and will continue to evolve to attempt to reduce any risks.